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Published June 10, 2021



The Shadow People is a horror point-and-click adventure game where you wake up exhausted the week before finals week. Gathering your things, you head to campus to attend class, and then after sitting through a lengthy lecture, you head back home.

After refueling at a gas station on the way back, you’re driving alone in the dark and doing your best to keep yourself awake. Suddenly, you think you see someone in the road, and you violently swerve out of the way to avoid them. Unfortunately, your car gets smashed pretty badly in the wreck, leaving you stranded on a lonely section of highway.

Your cell phone is unable to get any signal, so you decide to hoof it, looking for any sign of civilization or cell phone signal. You reach a nearby town that you swear used to be just empty grassland. You navigate the silent streets, trying your best to figure out a way back home.




Original with colored background (As it appears in game)
With transparent background
With transparent background (Alternate color)

About Roc Studios:

Roc Studios is a solo game development team run by Elias Mote. It is dedicated to creating fun and interesting indie games with a retro-style, particularly in 2D.


Elias Mote
Designer, Programmer, Musician, Writer, Artist, Tester
Taylor Fielder
Musician, Tester
Dred4170, Raistlarn, Aluminati, BeanWagon, David Harper