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Published November 23, 2019

This game is unfinished and not currently being developed. Work will likely resume on the project in the future. You can download an early access version of the game, however, it may have bugs.

Legend of the Blades is a 3/4 perspective action game with light RPG elements. You must travel the land and defeat the four knights who each wield a sword of elemental power – Rock, Crystal, Sun and Moon. After each knight has been defeated, acquire his/her sword and use it to make progress in the land of Lowendel. Crush your enemies with the mighty Rock Smasher or cast blades of mystical magic to vanquish foes from a distance with the Sword of Moonlight. Learn some of the details of each knight’s past and defeat the villain that they could not beat, the Black Knight.

How to play:
Directional keys – Moves the character
Z – Swing your sword
A, S – Switch your sword (if at least one sword has been collected)
Enter – Make a selection on a menu