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Published June 24, 2018

Note: This is a game I released June 24, 2018 for Proc Jam

Help Atom Girl defeat waves of enemies trying to stop her as she races through space. Use her ability to change into a ship and back to blast her foes into stardust.

How to play:

Directon keys: Move ship/robot around

‘Z’ key: Shoot

‘X’ key: Change between ship and robot form


  • Atom Girl’s ship form has a smaller hitbox, so she can dodge enemies more effectively. In addition, the lasers she shoots as a ship move quickly.
  • Atom Girl’s humanoid robot form can’t dodge enemies as well, but she gets a triple shot that can destroy enemy waves with ease.
  • Stay on the left or middle of the screen; otherwise, enemies are likely to surprise you.
  • Only 1 enemy and the boss can shoot at you, so take advantage of this.
  • The boss can only be hit with shots aimed at his core. Destroy the shield in front of it first to expose the vulnerable core. Destroy the core!
  • The boss has two separate attacks which he switches between. Use the ship’s smaller hitbox to dodge his slower shots.